Blue Plastics not new plastics

Prime quality PE granulate, suitable for non–food film–to–film applications like transportation and packaging films

Using our innovative, eco-friendly and efficient recycling process, Blue Plastics will produce transparent, near-prime quality PE granulates from used transportation and packaging films.

The end-product is clean, transparent and odour-free granulates, suitable for the production of non-food plastic films like transport and packaging films out of 100% recycled granulates. Those films can be circular, used 7 times in a circular loop saving a minimum of ~1,5 ton CO2 for each tonne recycled PE film.

Asset 7


  • Circular commodity
  • Odourless
  • Excellent technical properties
  • Good optical properties
  • Suitable for high quality applications
  • Can be used up to 100% for high quality film production
Asset 6


  • Suitable for thin film production
  • Suitable for non-food films
  • Colour range: transparent
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