Ortessa Group announces its participation in plastic recycler Blue Plastics, demonstrating its commitment to innovative and sustainable recovery of valuable raw materials from plastic waste. This collaboration in the supply chain allows Ortessa to handle the supply of plastic waste to the Blue Plastics recycling plant, while TCR Plastics, already committed to the partnership, will take charge of marketing the new raw materials.

Blue Plastics’ CleanBlueTech (CBT) technology is an innovative, solvent-based, closed-loop waste treatment method that removes odors, adhesives, printing inks, and organic residues from all types of plastic film waste. Unlike existing waste treatment techniques that require high temperatures and water consumption, this new technology is a game-changer, reducing energy consumption by 70% compared to primary production and using no water. The end product of Blue Plastics is a transparent and odorless granulate that closely matches the quality of new materials. Initially, Blue Plastics will focus on using transport film, commonly known as packaging film, which has the highest CO2 environmental impact among plastic types due to its short functional use before becoming waste.

Eric Segers, CEO of Ortessa Group, expresses great pride in this partnership. He states, “With the belief that technology and collaboration go hand in hand to contribute to a cleaner world, this collaboration is a prime example of a powerful chain cooperation. Ortessa continually explores promising innovations to address the global waste issue, and in this groundbreaking technology for plastic films, we quickly recognized the potential to make a real difference.”

TCR Plastics owners, Gert and Robert Struijk, are thrilled about Ortessa’s involvement in Blue Plastics. Robert Struijk shares, “Since TCR Plastics’ investment in Blue Plastics, this technology has further proven itself and the process has been refined. In our search for the right strategic partner, we found a perfect match with Ortessa. It’s a remarkable Dutch company with a strong reputation in waste and recycling in the broadest sense.” Gert Struijk adds, “Ortessa’s participation will lead to a unique collaboration that embodies circularity in its purest form. It’s remarkable to see three Dutch companies joining forces to make a substantial contribution to solving the plastic problem and achieving European environmental objectives.”

Stephan Damer, Director of Blue Plastics, emphasizes the need for a consistent supply of plastic waste for the installation being developed on the Brightlands Campus. He explains, “The initial installations will focus on transport films, but in the future, we aim to process other plastic types such as HDPE, PP, and PET. It’s crucial for us to serve the market in the long run, and continuity in the input stream is essential. Ortessa Group’s specific expertise in waste collection aligns with our strategy, and we are delighted that the pleasant and constructive discussions have led to this sustainable partnership. Like Ortessa and TCR Plastics, Blue Plastics seeks opportunities to leave a better Earth for future generations. This collaboration empowers everyone involved while collectively building an innovative solution.”

Blue Plastics’ ambitious vision is aligned with the EU’s focus on water conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable packaging. The company aims to establish five factories within the next ten years.

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